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Jaden’s Fruitmeal Cereal

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300g, 9+ Months

Jaden’s Fruitamil can be made without cooking, if your baby likes it. It can be eaten on the go with baby’s milk and hot water. During lazy nights or long trips, mix Fruitamil with cocoa powder, fruit purees or yoghurts. Fruitamil is ready for your baby to eat in 20 seconds, it helps with weight gain as well.


Jaden’s Fruitmeal Cereal is an organic baby weight gain formula that requires no cooking. It can be made for babies above 6 months in 20 seconds. Fruitamil is the best baby weight gain food in nigeria not only because it is homemade but also combines the nutrients in most of the fruits that babies love. Jaden’s Fruitmeal Cereal helps introduce natural, healthy food to babies. It is an effective nutritious solution for picky and fussy eating, weight loss in kids and other feeding issues. Fruitamil is the best homemade baby weight gain formula for 6 month old kids and above. Jaden’s Fruitmeal Cereal made with oats, fonio, apples, pineapples and banana.

AugustSecrets free baby food recipes are the best for introducing fussy eaters to organic healthy meals.Our natural baby food recipes are the best for 6 month old kids and above in Nigeria, not only because they are homemade but also can be made into pudding, swallow and shakes for picky eaters.

oats, fonio, apples, pineapples and banana.


  1. Place a pot on heat with 1 cup of water and bring to boil
  2. Dissolve 1 tablespoon of Fruitmeal with water
  3. Pour into boiling water and stir immediately
  4. Cover to steam up for 2 minutes and turn off heat.
  5. Serve Plank Plain as a daily meal for your child.

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