Nestlé P’tite Céréale vanilla for babies from 6 months

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The essentials of the recipe

NESTLÉ P’tite Céréale Vanille is a good way for babies to:

  • Vary the taste of follow-on milk
  • Discover new textures
  • Gently introduce gluten into your diet
  • Help him get the day off to a good start

Did you know ? At 6 months, a bottle alone may no longer be sufficient to cover the nutritional needs of breakfast. Now is the time to introduce cereals. Be sure to respect baby’s appetite.

Milk feeding, preferably breastfeeding, should be continued for as long as possible.

The little extra: All our P’tite Cereals contain iron (1) + vitamin C to absorb the iron so important for awakening.

(1) Iron contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and to cognitive development

The advantages of NESTLÉ P’tite Céréale

• An exclusive contribution of 8 cereals
• Vitamins and minerals
• No added sugars *
• No preservatives **
• No coloring **

* Contains naturally occurring sugars
** In accordance with the regulations on infant cereals.


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